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Landshare aims to revolutionize real estate investments by enabling fractional property ownership through tokenization on the blockchain






fixed income


On-Chain Real Estate



Token Strength.

Token Utility:

Asset Token Purchases – Medium of Exchange Token:
Landshare requires that 10% of the value of every asset token purchase is to be paid in $LAND, which is subsequently burned.

Asset Token Loans – Payment Token:
Borrowers are required to pay the accruing interest in $LAND, which is also subsequently burned.

GameFi – Yield Boost: 
Users have the ability to purchase "Power", a resource that can be utilized to enhance the yield generated with asset tokens.

Staking & Governance:
Participants have the opportunity to stake both the $LAND token and the LP token acquired through liquidity provision in the LAND/BNB Pool on Pancakeswap. This staking process enables users to earn additional emission-based rewards in $LAND and receive voting power to participate in the governance.

Demand Driver:

The demand drivers for the Landshare token are closely tied to its utility within the ecosystem, particularly for real estate investors. These investors have a range of needs that motivate them to purchase and utilize the token within the Landshare platform.

Demand for LAND to pay for platform-related fees:
- The token is essential for investors to pay various platform-related fees. This includes purchasing asset tokens, which serve as the primary demand driver for $LAND. Additionally, investors utilize $LAND to cover interest payments for asset token loans and to enhance their yield by upgrading their virtual houses in the form of NFTs.

Demand for LAND to stake and participate in the governance:
- Another factor driving the demand for the token is the opportunity for investors to earn staking rewards by staking the token and participating in Landshare's governance.

Value Creation:

Landshare provides a valuable opportunity for individuals to engage in real estate investments with a remarkably low minimum investment starting from $50. This allows participants to generate passive income through rental earnings from the properties or achieve an appealing yield by participating in crowdfunding initiatives for house flips.

Value Capture:

Value Accrual to Protocol:
- The Landshare DAO receives 2.5% of all token emissions from staking vaults
- A 2% performance fee associated with the auto-compounding feature

Value Accrual to Token:
- Platform fees are burned, thus increasing the scarcity of the token. 

Business Model:

Revenue comes from:
- 10% of the value from purchasing asset tokens (both, house flips and rental properties)
- Interests from asset token loans
- 2% performance fee from the auto-compound feature of the $LAND staking vault
- 2,5% of the harvested staking rewards (keep in mind that this is not a fee, but rather an additional emission-based reward that is minted to the DAO’s treasury)
- Paying to upgrade real estate NFTs
- 5% transaction fees on Landshare’s NFT marketplace

Revenue is denominated in:

Revenue goes to:
- The majority of the revenues are burned
- The DAO’s treasury


Protocol Analysis.

Problems & Solutions
- The real estate market poses significant challenges for individuals due to high entry barriers. These barriers encompass demanding capital requirements, bureaucratic hurdles, and intricate regulations and tax structures. These criteria are often difficult for the average person to fulfill.

- Landshare addresses this problem by providing a solution that makes real estate investments more accessible to a wider audience. This is achieved through the implementation of fractionalized ownership, taking-over property management responsibilities, and introducing innovative approaches to enhance the utilization of asset tokens.

Investment Take

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Tokenomics Timeline.

  1. 2021-03-16

    Landshare DAO

    Launch of the Landshare DAO

  2. 2021-07-21


    Presale on

  3. 2021-08-02


    IDO on SuperLauncher

  4. 2021-08-02


    Token Generation Event

  5. 2021-08-24

    Landshare Governance

    Launch of Landshare's governance protocol




Ecosystem Users.

LAND Token Holders / Stakers
This user group consists of individuals who acquire the $LAND token for various reasons. Some purchase the token for speculative purposes, anticipating potential price appreciation and capital gains. Others seek to earn passive income in the form of additional (emission-based) $LAND rewards by staking their $LAND tokens. By staking their $LAND tokens, they also receive voting rights which they can use to participate in Landshare’s governance.
Liquidity Providers (LPs)
Liquidity Providers form an essential part of the Landshare ecosystem by providing liquidity to the LAND-BNB Pool on Pancakeswap to ensure a smooth trading experience for users. LPs are incentivized by receiving a portion of the transaction fees generated within the liquidity pool as a reward for their contribution. Additionally, LP tokens can be staked to earn more emission-based staking rewards as a further incentive to provide liquidity over a longer time horizon.
Real Estate Investors & Traders
Real estate investors and traders acquire asset tokens from real estate offerings provided on the Landshare platform, which are essentially security tokens. Furthermore, participants in the Landshare ecosystem can take advantage of the GameFi features, which enhance the yield potential of the rental properties they invest in, adding an additional layer of profitability and engagement to their investments.