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The Sandbox

The Sandbox Protocol is a blockchain-based gaming platform that allows players to create and own virtual assets in a Minecraft-style world. It uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent these assets, giving players true ownership and the ability to trade them in a decentralized marketplace. The platform also includes a game creation tool that lets players design and share their own games within the Sandbox world.









Token Strength.

Token Utility:

Payment for goods and services: The Sandbox protocol uses SAND as its primary utility token, allowing users to buy and sell assets within the platform.
Staking: SAND holders can earn staking rewards by participating in governance

Demand Driver:

Medium of Exchange: 
$SAND is required to transact

Staking Rewards:
Crypto investors seeking yield on their $SAND holdings. Staking creates scarcity of Gems and Catalysts, driving demand for the protocol, and rewards stakers with transaction fees.

Value Creation:

Providing a platform to build games, assets and experiences and allowing players to play.

Value Capture:

Value accrual to token:
$SAND is the primary payment method for goods and services within The Sandbox protocol. As demand for these goods and services increases, the value of $SAND may also increase due to supply and demand dynamics.

Value accrual to protocol:
The Sandbox protocol captures value through a 5% transaction fee, with 50% of that fee being paid to $SAND stakers as a reward. The other 50% is used to fund grants that aim to improve and enhance the protocol, leading to further value creation.

Business Model:

The business model for The Sandbox protocol:

Revenue comes from:
Transaction fee on all $SAND transactions.

Revenue is denominated in:
$SAND tokens.

Revenue goes to:
Protocol's treasury and validators who secure the network. Treasury funds protocol development, marketing, partnerships. Validators receive a portion of transaction fees as staking rewards (currently 16%).


Protocol Analysis.

Problems & Solutions
Players cannot often+ truly own and monetize their in-game assets on traditional game platforms, leading to less investment of time and money.

The Sandbox Protocol combines Minecraft-like game style with NFT-based asset ownership to enable players to truly own and trade their in-game assets. Players can earn rewards through staking and governance participation, incentivizing them to invest more and leading to a more engaged player base.
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Investment Take

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Tokenomics Timeline.

  1. 2020-08-13


    3 billion $SAND minted.

  2. 2022-11-30

    Migration to Polygon

    The Sandbox is migrating to the Polygon ecosystem.




Ecosystem Users.